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We believe that in order to win your customers’ hearts, we need to understand their minds first.


We have our unique own approach to marketing that focuses on figuring out your customer needs within all digital touch-points.

We believe that combining science, art, and technology to create an audience-centric approach to marketing is the best solution because your customers bring sales, which are crucial for any business.

We built the Focus approach because we think that researching your customers in brainstorms process does not work as effectively as our approach. Marketing agencies create personas, which are not based on scientific data, unlike ours. They are building “set it and forget it” personas that never get used in their marketing activities.  We do a lot better!

Our customer-based approach has helped our clients to gain thousands of loyal customers that keep on buying from them, time after time.

You can call us Persona Marketers on Steroids.

We segment your target customers into like-minded, digital persona groups.

Digital personas are used for two things:



We identify where your customers and potential customers are active online.


To write content and use designs that speaks best to their motivations and needs.

By using the Focus approach, it grabs your viewers’ attention and sparks the feeling that ‘this brand understands me, I can trust it’. This leads to more sales and revenue for your business to grow.

Intensive customer research is what we start with

To understand who your customers are, we gain and use qualitative and quantitative data. We also use this data to understand how your customers buy, what their challenges and motivations are.  Furthermore, we can see where your customers are active online. The main purpose of this data is to provide personalised messaging and content throughout their online journey.

The digital personas we provide, are not what we think or brainstorm, which is what other agencies provide. Our digital personas are real because they are based on real data.

For each persona we create a content plan for each platform they may use

We will map out all digital personas, keywords, customer journeys, and content across all the channels they may use. This includes your blog, website, your social pages, your PPC, organic Google search results, and your display campaigns. We provide a comprehensive strategy that portrays a concise and single message for all your different customers. We also use a technique that can rank your paid advertising very high and reduce the cost, increasing your ROI.

For all of the digital personas, we create content and run ads

We develop our plan as we go, to fine-tune it to your customers. This allows us to create really focused advertising on a big scale. This in turn drives the audience to the content, that speaks to their needs, creating a desire to buy. Resulting in more sales and business growth.

What makes the Focus approach better

Focus Approach

    • Personas – Based on real data we target real people. We start with a hypothesis and develop it until with are focussing your ads and content on an individual level.

    • Marketing Channel Integration – Our Focus On approach is fully integrated throughout all marketing channels and our digital personas are woven through your content, SEO, Paid Social, and PPC. Resulting in a marketing ecosystem.

    • Messaging – What your audience believes, is what we mirror back to them. This captures their attention, engaging them, and focuses on the benefits for them.

  • Agility –  Our Focus On persona approach to marketing is a constantly evolving asset. We continually develop our personas based on real customer data. People always change and so will your persons.

Other Approaches

    • Personas – The majority of other agencies use a ‘one size fits all’ approach for their personas. Or brainstorm a fictional character that they make up in a marketing meeting.

    • Marketing Channel Integration – Agencies provide separate marketing approaches, with SEO, PPC, and Social. Making them individual and not looking at how they all work together for greater insight. Also how they can work together to drive more traffic & sales.

    • Messaging – Many Marketing Agencies approach use single tone messaging and talks about the features of the business, not the benefits it can provide.

  • Agility – Personas are usually made up of an initial brainstorm and forgotten about. They are not often seen as a “Set it and forget it” asset and not used to their full potential.

Our Focus approach integrates the following services: