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Aspire Recruitment

The Challenge

1. Attracting the right candidates
2. Engaging qualified candidates
3. Hiring fast
4. Creating an efficient recruiting process

The Solution

We decided to focus on Facebook as that is where the majority of their target market was. We rebranded their Facebook page and adverts, so they were more visually appealing and branded correctly. We also posted jobs that linked to stories, so the candidates could apply quickly.

Facebook Increased Applications
By 50%

Mobile Refresh

The Challenge was to make all the adds not only look good on laptop but also on mobile. We did this by linking the Facebook job posts up to Facebook Stories, with a call to action button which allowed the candidates to apply instantly.

Rebranded From the Inside Out

We analysed the personas of their candidates and clients and created Facebook job posts that would appeal to them. We also designed them in such a way, it was made easy for them to apply for the jobs advertised within seconds.

Extensive Persona Research

From data that Google Analytics and Facebook provided us with, we were able to create very detailed personas of their target market. This helped us focus our marketing towards their target market and increase sales.

The Results Were Amazing

This projects results were amazing and we quickly saw dozens of candidate CV’s fly into Aspire Recruitment’s Facebook Page’s back end. From the platform Aspire Recruitment’s staff were able to see who had applied for what job and look and their CV’s instantly.

“The professionalism and personalised service that we got from Focus is unlike any other company we worked with.”

Loraine Taylor

Managing Director, Woof Yeah

“Focus is, hands down, one of the best companies that we have worked with! The company exceeded all goals we set.”

George Kisack

Managing Director, Bolt On